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African American Black Men Hairstyles

    The hairstyles of black men are unique and stand apart from those who are not of African American descent. It is naturally curly and for the most part, has a soft texture. Black men's hairstyles can be worn long or short, depending on what the person wants.

    African American Black Men Hairstyles

    For many years, black men hairstyles were relegated to an Afro. Some people called it the "natural". Some men wore them as a "big" hairstyle. Others wore them shorter.Some of the middle aged and older gentlemen would be seen with the big Afro. Some of the younger guys would rather wear the shorter one. They took pride in this hairstyle not only because it was easy to manage, but because it was originally part of their ethnic heritage.

    Cornrows hairstyle

    Black men's hairstyles also consist of braids. Some men wear their hair in plaits, which are regular braids that lie down and can be connected together. Or they can choose cornrows. Cornrows form a pattern and stay connected to the hair for a few weeks. After that, it’s time to take them apart and braid them again so that they will be fresh again.
    Lil Wayne with dreadlocks hairstyle

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African American Black Men Hairstyles

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