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African American Hairstyles 2009

    African American hairstyling has always been steeped in powerful cultural contradictions, yet this hair can be more fun to work with than any other. It took the rap and hip-hop sounds, with their hardcore assertions of complete independence, to create an atmosphere for African American hair to be whatever it wants to be. From this movement came a set of hairstyles that are radically free, amazingly varied, and always utterly unique.

    In the year 2009, modern styling techniques have made the inherited tight curl of afro hair simply a choice like any other. An African American woman can have a bushy Fro, or she can have an equally beautiful straight wavy look with fringes and tresses.
    African American Hairstyles 2009
    There is a question of maintenance involved, because if the African American woman has natural kinks, she will have to have them straightened on a frequent basis, which can really add up in the bank account. Even so, the quantity and quality of styles and looks available to the African American woman is now identical to any other stylist’s client!

    Anything can be done with her hair, although the straighter looks take longer. In 2009, the most important and popular hairstyle for African American woman is the same for any other, and the look comes from Rhianna, a black woman from the Caribbean island of Barbados! In a fantastic media appearance, she used an inverted bob that is sweeping the nation. African American hair is now the source of America’s most popular hairstyle!

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African American Hairstyles 2009

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