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Emo Tattoos Fashion For Emo Youth

    The emo culture is all about personal expression. It is a way of using fashion, music, hairstyles, and more to display one’s inner feelings. In keeping with this idea, many emo youths get tattoos with some personal meaning. There are no real rules when it comes to emo tattoos.

    Emo Tattoo

    They can include a wide variety of sizes, images, and colors. However, a few generalizations about this trend can be made. First, there are many things emo tattoos are not. They are not meant to represent pop culture icons, make jokes, or be a mere aesthetic picture. They are also not meant to be objects of sexuality. They are personal and should not necessarily be designed to attract the attention of others.

    Emo Tattooing

    Instead, emo tattoos have a deeper meaning to the individual who wears one. They are often self-designed with artwork created by the emo youth. They can include graphics, abstract designs, or meaningful quotes depending on individual preference. Also, emo tattoos can be colored in a variety of ways. Most contain shades of black and red.

    Emo Love Tattoo

    However, blues, yellows, grays, and other tones are also popular. As for the placement, emo tattoos are usually put on the heart, wrist, or shoulder. Again, though, this is up to the individual getting the tattoo.

    Emo Tattoo

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Emo Tattoos Fashion For Emo Youth

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