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Micro Braid Hairstyles For Black Women

    Open Braids are actually short micro braids that are interweaved in a diagonally, overlapping pattern close to the head or from the end of your natural hair. The hairstyle provides a realistic look that imitates an often expensive hair extension. If you take a closer look you can recognise the fine braids at the hairline. There are many types of materials used to make hair weaves. The price often depends on the type and quality of material used.

    How to Create Braids Braided Hairstyle Picture
    Creating braids is an art by itself. Hair is partitioned into three sections for creating braids. You will need to continue braiding till such time you achieve the desired length of hair. Make sure that the tension on the braid is spread uniformly. Otherwise it would twist to a particular side, instead of staying flat. Being creative is the key to great braided hairstyles. You can try out variations including tendrils or bangs, right in the front part of your head. You can also try out using braids in chignons or in buns.

    Micro Hair Braids for African American Black Women
    Braid hairstyles have been part and parcel of life for African American women for a long time now. In fact black braid hairstyle is what sets hair fashion trends these days. One of the trends that is a rage, especially among the African American women is the micro hair braids. Micro braids hairstyle is best done in a braiding salon. You will be amazed to know that these salons can give you over 1200 micro braids in a matter of just over an hour.

    A professional hairstylist can give you all these gorgeous micro braids without breaking your hair. This particular hairstyle involves weaving thick braids made up of a few strands of hair, all over the scalp. The style is easy to maintain and also enables faster hair growth. This style though is not for those who have very long hair. Regular maintenance of micro braid hairstyle is also important.

    Micro braid hairstyles
    Micro braid hairstyles
    Micro braid hairstyles
    Micro braid hairstyles
    Micro braid hairstyles

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Micro Braid Hairstyles For Black Women

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