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Sarah Palin Hair Styles

    Sarah Palin Hair Style at RNC

    If you haven’t noticed, Sarah Palin, is the biggest buzz words on the net this week. She delivered her acceptance speech for the Republican nominee for Vice President right here in my home town of St. Paul, Minnesota.

    No, I didn’t take the trip downtown to the Excel Center to participate in the big event. I did think about it for a moment however, but then my senses came back to me and I realized I could view the whole event better right here from my own comfy couch, with popcorn, the cat, my hubby and my bunny slippers.

    I loved Sarah Palin’s hair style! I loved the way she dressed and I think she clearly showed a poised confidence to be proud of. She spoke eloquently and pointedly. I admired her but don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t care to be her. The type of juggling involved in her day to day schedule gives me the willies!

    I found that there are plenty of wolves out there on the net, flinging their distaste for Governor Sarah Palin, using anything they can find to pick at. When I read that a certain, supposedly la-di-da hair stylist in Boston, said, “Ms. Palin’s hair style looks like it’s 20 yrs old,” like that’s a bad thing, well . . . them there’s fightin words.

    To prove how out of place he is, check out how the half up-do that Ms. Palin wore the night of her acceptance speech is . . . hot once again!! Yes this style was worn back in the 80’s and once again has made it’s debut and has recently been seen on some A list by celebrities and models. By the way, Sarah . . . your hair color was fabulous too.

    Angelina Jolie with Sarah Palin Hair Style
    Angelina Jolie with the Sarah Palin Hair Stlye

    Sarah Palin Hair Style
    The Sarah Palin half-updo with side swept bangs hair style

    Sarah Palin Hair Style
    Sarah Palin Hair Style

    Sarah Palin Hairstyle
    Sarah Palin Hairstyle
    Sarah Palin Hairstyle
    Sarah Palin Hairstyle

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Sarah Palin Hair Styles

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