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Aamir Khan feel so proud on her wife Kiran Rao

    Aamir Khan feel so proud on her wife Kiran Rao: Tonight, Aamir Khan returned to Toronto where he sat down with CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos for a one‐on‐one interview. The two discussed everything from Aamir’s latest film Dhobi Ghat to the changing face of Hindi films.

    “I fell in love with the script...and I fell in love with her once again.” Aamir said lovingly of his wife Kiran Rao and director of Dhobi Ghat. He went on to talk about the film explaining that he was sucked in from the very first scene. “I feel so proud of Kiran,” he blushingly revealed. If anything is understood about this man, it’s that the mention of his wife brings a smile to his face.

    Aamir was very honest on the show, explaining that he not only thinks in English, but he has never read a book in Hindi. He also said that he has a lot of influences in him that are not purely Indian, which happens when growing up in a big city. Much of the interview brought out a very candid Aamir, which we are rarely privileged to see.

    When asked about the changing face of Indian cinema, Aamir made it clear that Hindi films are just one facet of Indian cinema, among films made in 22 languages across the country. He also tried to define today’s mainstream cinema. “What is mainstream cinema? No one can define it.” Adding to this, he explained that the young filmmakers of India are making films that are breaking molds. We completely agree. Go see Dhobi Ghat. You’ll agree too.

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Aamir Khan feel so proud on her wife Kiran Rao

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