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Salman Khan to teach Aamir Khan for Dhobi Ghat!

    Salman Khan to teach Aamir Khan for Dhobi Ghat!: To play his character in Dhobi Ghat, Aamir Khan became a shishya of Salman Khan for a few weeks and diligently learnt from him how to create paintings.

    It’s no secret that Salman is a terrific painter, even though the star downplays that talent of his. So when Aamir bagged the role of a painter in wife Kiran Rao’s film Dhobi Ghat, he turned to his good friend Salman for help.

    Being the perfectionist that he is, Aamir wasn’t going to settle for a tacky portrayal of a painter. He wanted to learn the fine points of painting. And Salman more than willingly helped Aamir with that. For a few weeks he was Aamir’s art guru and Aamir his diligent student.

    We hear that as guru dakshina, Aamir gave Salman a painting made by him. It’s an abstract painting with imaginative use of colours.

    Salman has reportedly loved Aamir’s painting and has hung it in his bar, even though he’s off the bottle nowadays.

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Salman Khan to teach Aamir Khan for Dhobi Ghat!

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